Choosing the Best Firewood: A Guide

There’s nothing quite like sitting in front of a warm wood fire as the temperature lowers outside. A wood fire creates an ambiance worth sharing with your loved ones. However, while choosing your firewood, you should know how to get the best firewood for your region, seasoned and completely dried so that it burns efficiently, doesn’t produce too much smoke, and gives you good value for money, as well as being from a reputable source. 

Things to Know About Firewood

  1. The firewood should be sourced from sustainable and well-managed forests
  2. It is preferable to get a mix of different species to support the natural indigenous flora
  3. Softwood is not suitable for keeping a lasting flame, but it is best for kindling and getting your space warm quickly without overheating
  4. There can be different kinds of ideal firewood depending on the region you live in
  5. A less dense wood will burn quicker
  6. The pitch or resin present in softwood is responsible for the pops and crackles while it burns
  7. Seasoned wood will burn better. Seasoned wood means leaving it to dry for a period of time to remove most of the moisture content from the wood
  8. Firewood is best stacked away from the ground to avoid moisture absorption. A wheelie bin is a great option!

Choosing the Best Firewood

Firewoods are available in many species and varieties. It’s good to get to know your local species. In the NSW North Coast region, some of the best firewoods are:

  1. Jarrah: It is the most common eucalyptus variety for firewood across Western Australia. It is a dense wood and burns slowly, giving warmth for longer. It also produces very little smoke and ashes, making it the best option for home heating purposes.
  2. Grey box: It is a hardwood with several eucalyptus varieties. It grows across Australia. It gives a steady and hot flame, becoming another excellent option for home firewood. It is well-known firewood in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and South Australia.
  3. White gum: Another eucalyptus firewood, also known by the name wandoo, white gum is a dense hardwood. It burns slow and is hot owing to its density. It is usually mixed with Jarrah in an equal ratio for use.
  4. Ironbark: It is not a eucalyptus variety, although it is usually confused by the term. It is primarily found in New South Wales, Southern Queensland, Victoria, and Tasmania. The primary varities of Ironbark are the Red and Gray Ironbark. Moreover, it is found abundantly in the regions mentioned.
  5. Blackbutt: It is a variety of eucalyptus and is also known by the name pink blackbutt. It is found in the coastal regions from southern New South Wales to Maryborough, Queensland. It is a beautiful, durable, and versatile wood and provides good fire resistance.
  6. Spotted gum: It has lemon-scented gum and is mainly grown in New South Wales and southern Queensland. It has a high fire output with significantly less smoke, making it ideal for indoor fires.

About Smart Firewood

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